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Lacie Storage Servers+Show All On Hand Storage ServersPart#On HandPrice
2000GB Spare drawer for 2BIG; 4BIG and 5BIG301467Check Availability$182.59Add to Cart
2TB 2BIG drawer301469Check Availability$182.77Add to Cart
2TB 5BIG drawer301576Check Availability$182.77Add to Cart
2TB CloudBox design by Neil Poulton90003431$194.03Add to Cart
0TB LaCie 2big NAS2000345more than 4$223.52Add to Cart
3TB CloudBox90003442$241.91Add to Cart
3TB Spare drawer black for 4BIG and 5BIG301997Check Availability$245.46Add to Cart
3TB 2BIG DRAWER301996Check Availability$245.87Add to Cart
3TB 5BIG network drawer9000135Check Availability$245.87Add to Cart
3TB d2 Network v290002692$293.05Add to Cart
4TB 5BIG NAS PRO drawer9000247Check Availability$309.87Add to Cart
4TB 2BIG NAS drawer9000272Check Availability$309.87Add to Cart
3TB d2 Thunderbolt USB3.0; HD 3TB 3 inch 1/2 (7200rpm; 32MB cache)9000353more than 4$343.26Add to Cart
4TB 2BIG TDBLT drawer9000263Check Availability$357.32Add to Cart
4TB 4BIG drawer90002641$357.32Add to Cart
Little BD 2TB Thunderbolt9000358Check Availability$424.55Add to Cart
4TB 2BIG NAS9000225more than 4$453.06Add to Cart
4TB 2BIG THUNDERBOLT90003591$545.73Add to Cart
6TB 2BIG NAS 2-disk RAID v290002261$564.42Add to Cart
0TB 5BIG NAS PRO9000362ASCheck Availability$583.74Add to Cart
6TB 2BIG Thunderbolt w/Cab90003602$669.01Add to Cart
8TB 2BIG U3 and FW8009000317Check Availability$780.95Add to Cart
8TB 2BIG THUNDERBOLT9000246more than 4$870.04Add to Cart
10TB 5BIG NETWK V2301525ASCheck Availability$1081.51Add to Cart
10TB 5BIG THUNDERBOLT9000378AS2$1126.66Add to Cart
15TB 5BIG V2 RAID NETWORK9000110AS2$1296.92Add to Cart
10TB 5BIG NAS PRO9000363AS4$1331.00Add to Cart
16TB 4BIG U3 and FW8009000330AS2$1500.88Add to Cart
20TB 5BIG NAS PRO9000365ASCheck Availability$1993.90Add to Cart
20TB 5BIG THUNDERBOLT9000398AS2$2115.07Add to Cart
LACIE Storage Servers+Show All On Hand Storage ServersPart#On HandPrice
1TB Fuel Wireless drive9000436KUAmore than 4$257.69Add to Cart
2TB Fuel Wireless drive9000464KUACheck Availability$309.87Add to Cart
5TB 2BIG drawer9000519Check Availability$409.11Add to Cart
5TB 4BIG drawer9000468Check Availability$409.11Add to Cart
5TB Spare drawer grey for 2BIG NAS; HD 3TB 3 inch 1/2 (7200rpm; 16MB cache)90004692$423.13Add to Cart
10TB (2x 5TB HD) 2BIG NAS; 2x HD 5TB 3 inch 1/29000467Check Availability$953.11Add to Cart
LaCie 20TB 5BIGNASPRO+SYM SYSRECOVSBS''139000365ASBCheck Availability$1993.90Add to Cart
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