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Epson ELPLP42 Replacement Original Lamp Module - EMP83/EMP83H/EMP822/EMP822H/EMP400W

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Weekend Sale Price: Au$160.96 (Or US$126.79)

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Part #: 4548056706577
!! Available now. Please allow 3-5 days for worldwide despatch.


This lamp is user-replaceable; refer to


This lamp is user-replaceable; refer to

Selected Lamp: Original OEM Lamp Module in Original Packaging.

We are committed to reducing projector cost of ownership by making available Original OEM Lamp Modules at reduced prices. Only genuine original OEM lamp modules are endorsed by the projector manufacturer for use with your projector.

Explanation Of Lamp Types
This is the OEM lamp module as originally supplied with the projector and endorsed by the projector manufacturer. Projectors under warranty should only use genuine original OEM lamp modules.

This type of lamp is often described as "Original Inside" or "Original Bulb Product", indicating that the bulb is genuine but the housing is re-manufactured. These lamps offer OEM equivalent lamp life and brightness. They are therefore good value.

Visit Diamond Lamps Website
Visit APOG Lamps Website

When shopping online for lamps look for the "Original Bulb Inside" Logo. "Diamond", "APOG" and "Sirius" lamp modules are guaranteed to contain the correct original lamp bulb.

Ordering a "Bare Lamp" can be a very cost effective option. It is often very easy to refit a new bare lamp to the original lamp housing. You will need to carefully examine your existing housing to ensure that it is in good re-useable condition and that you will be able to replace the lamp bulb yourself.

"Compatible" or "Alternative" lamps contain re-manufactured lamps bulbs. Consider purchasing a compatible lamp if an original lamp is not available or is not affordable.

Be wary when purchasing compatible lamps as quality can vary greatly between suppliers.

"Smart Lamps" is the premium compatible projector lamp choice.

  • A highly reliable replacement lamp choice.
  • Quality components.
  • 12 month no quarrel warranty.
  • High Performance.
  • Affordable Price.

Information For Projector Lamp Buyers.

We offer the most extensive range of lamps at very competitive prices. Every lamp on our site bears a distinctive quality badge.

The premium product is the Original Lamp Module In Original Packaging. These cost more but are always the best quality option because they are endorsed by projector manufacturers. For better value we offer a full range of original lamp bulbs fitted to alternative housings that have undergone stringest quality testing. In addition we provide the full range of original bare lamps.

If you see a significantly lower price offered on another website it is likely that the lamp being offered is a "Compatible" or "Copy" lamp. This fact may not be clear from the website copy. Send them an email enquiry asking "Does the lamp module include a genuine original lamp bulb of the same brand and specifications as the lamp bulb originally supplied with my projector."

Details about the difference between "Original" and "Copy/Compatible" bulbs can be found in Make Sure It's an Original by Philips corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of projector lamp bulbs.

Compare quality options correctly and you will find that our prices are usually the lowest. If you find a lower price please contact us. If we can match the price we will reward you with a $20 credit voucher.

Price Match Offer
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If you find a lower lamp price
email us.
We appreciate the opportunity.
If we can match the price delivery will be free.

You will also be awarded a bonus $20 credit voucher towards your next purchase.

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